Tortilla Chips | SNAXX

Tortilla Chips

The perfect quick snack to enjoy completely guilt free. Delicious keto tortilla chips for any occasion.    HOW TO MAKE YOUR TORTILLA CHIPS:  Ingr...

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Jelly Slice | SNAXX

Jelly Slice

The perfect keto dessert! Get creative with your cheesecake mix by following this recipe! HOW TO MAKE YOUR JELLY SLICE: Ingredients SNAXX Cheesec...

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Keto Sausage Rolls | SNAXX

Keto Sausage Rolls

Delicious Keto-Friendly Sausage Rolls. Easy to make and guilt free!   HOW TO MAKE YOUR SAUSAGE ROLLS: Ingredients SNAXX Pastry Mix Sausage Mince...

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Keto-Friendly Parmigiana | SNAXX

Keto-Friendly Parmigiana

We have the perfect keto dinner meal for you! Classic Aussie Parmigiana, made keto-friendly! HOW TO MAKE YOUR PARMIGIANA:   Ingredients SNAXX Cru...

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Toasted Sandwich | SNAXX

Toasted Sandwich

Unsure what to do with your One Minute SNAXX Bread? This is the perfect recipe for you! Quick, delicious and easy.   HOW TO MAKE YOUR TOASTED SAND...

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Steamed pork bun | SNAXX

Steamed pork bun

2 slices thin pork belly2 thin slices onion 2 Tablespoons beef stir fry sauce1 stem green spring onion finely chopped1 packet SANXX Savoury Muffin ...

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Chiko Roll | SNAXX

Chiko Roll

Chiko roll - using One Minute SNAXX Sandwich Pocket This was mince, dry coleslaw mix, onion and a touch of curry powder.  Cook this together.  Make...

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Pizza Rolls | SNAXX

Pizza Rolls

Pizza rolls - using the One Minute SNAXX Bread Mix. These have tomato paste, cheese, ham, olives and roasted capsicum. Make Bread as per instructi...

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Herb Pocket | SNAXX

Herb Pocket

Make SNAXX One Minute Sandwich Pocket as directed.  Before putting in the mircowave add a teaspoon of mixed herbs.  Then mircowave as directed. Add...

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Berry-Topped Pancakes | SNAXX

Berry-Topped Pancakes

Make the perfect keto breakfast within minutes. Simple, easy and a delicious breakfast to start your morning!   HOW TO MAKE BERRY-TOPPED PANCAKES: ...

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Lemon-Strawberry Pancakes

Make SNAXX One Minute Pancake as directed. Add 2 teaspoons grated lemon zest to the mix before you microwave.  Top with strawberries.

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Capsicum & Mushroom Pizza | SNAXX

Capsicum & Mushroom Pizza

Prepare SNAXX One Minute Mini Pizza Base as per instructions. Toppings : mushrooms, red capsicum, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, Parmesan chees...

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