Are your products keto friendly?

Yes, at SNAXX our products are keto friendly, due to them all being under 5 grams of carbs per serve.


Where are you located?

One Minute SNAXX is a proudly 100% owned and operated Australian Business! We operate right here out of Brisbane, Queensland! 


Why is my SNAXX exploding in the microwave?

Use a larger cup or mug.

Make sure you always use real butter and not a spreadable butter, like margarine or oil. Anything with an oil can cause them to explode.

Also watch the time in the microwave as every microwave is different. Our ingredients and cooking times are based off 900w microwaves. So, adjust accordingly. 


Why do use sugarlose?

We always wanted our products to taste their absolute best. We found stevia left a bitter aftertaste, so we decided to use sucralose at less than 1%.


Can I store my products in the fridge or freezer?



Are your products dairy free?

Not all of our products are dairy-free but we do have several that don't contain dairy! Check out our product information table to see which ones of our products contain dairy: Product Information


Can I add extra ingredients?

Yes, you can! Many of our customers add blueberries to our pancakes and muffins. Just pop in the extra ingredients before cooking. 


Do your SNAXX really only take a minute to make?

A fair few of them do only take a bit of water, butter and 60 seconds in the microwave! However, our range extends so much further now with things like our pastry, cheesecakes, batter, crumb, fries etc. and all of our products are still just as easy to make!


Can I use margarine or a soft butter?

We recommend using real butter only for the absolute best result!


Do you have a store I can pick up from?

At this point in time, our main address is just an office. We do not have a storefront available to pick up from. However, we do ship worldwide and all of our extensive range is available on our website. 


Do you use Australian ingredients?

Most of our ingredients are from Australia and some come from overseas.


I don't have a microwave, can I use an oven?

You can use an oven to cook our items, yes!
We suggest just starting at a low temp and being mindful as it can cook very quickly in the oven and you need to make sure it doesn’t overcook otherwise it won’t taste its best!

Join our Facebook Group to ask the best ways that people find to cook in the oven!


I have a discount code but it is saying it is invalid?

Make sure you're using it within the valid dates.

Discount codes may not be used on items that are already discounted. 

You can only use one discount code at a time, multiple discount codes cannot be used.

The discount codes will also not work on the Bulk Buys

What is heavy cream?

Heavy cream is thickened cream. 


Do you offer wholesale or Distribution?

Yes to inquire about a wholesale account simply email us: 



If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Contact us via our live chat or even call us (during active times)!

Or, feel free to email us and we will respond as soon as we can!