Keto-Friendly SNAXX! 100% Aussie Owned & Made! Free shipping AUS orders only!


Are your products keto friendly?

Yes, at SNAXX our products are keto friendly, due to them all being under 5 grams of carbs per serve.

Why is my SNAXX exploding in the microwave?

Use a larger cup or mug.

Make sure you always use butter and not a spreadable butter, margarine or oil. Anything with a oil can cause them to explode and also watch the time in the microwave as every microwave is different.  

Why do use sugarlose?

We found stevia left a bitter aftertaste and we only use less than 1% of sucralose.

Can I store my products in the fridge or freezer?


Are your products dairy free?

Not all, we do have our Plant Based Range that is dairy free and egg free as well.

Can I add extra ingredients?

Yes you can.  Many add blueberries to our pancakes and muffins.  If you are following low carb or keto weight loss make sure you count the extra carbs in.

Are your products Low Carb?

Yes - There are so many definitions of low carb at ONE MINUTE SNAXX we call our products low carb, due to them all being under 5 grams of carbs per serve.

Do your muffins really only take a minute to make?

Yes add just mix the mixture with 20ml of water and 30 seconds in the microwave.  Taste amazing with a little bit of butter added.

Can I use margarine or a soft butter?

We recommend only butter to be used

What whey protein do you use?

Whey Protein Isolate & Whey Protein Concentrate

Do you use Australian ingredients?

Yes most of our ingredients are from Australia and some from overseas.

I don't have a microwave, can I use an oven?

Yes you can do it in the oven, but make sure it is a low - med oven and keep an eye on them as they cook super quick.

I have a discount code but it is saying it is invalid?

Just check it is within the valid dates.  Discount codes may not be used on sale items.  Also you can only use one discount code at a time, multiple discount codes cannot be used.