SNAXX Tips and Tricks to make your experience that much better!


TIP #1

Our microwave times are based off 900w. If you're unsure what time you should use, start from the lowest time and work your way up!

TIP #2

We recommend using specific creams to get the best possible results from your SNAXX. We recommend either the Woolworths or Coles name brand Thickened Cream or the Bulla Thickened Cream. 


TIP #3

Make sure to use real butter! Avoid using margarine or anything spreadable for the best outcome! 


TIP #4

Want to make your sweet SNAXX more exciting? Add some keto-friendly toppings, such as berries and whipped cream. 


TIP #5

Want to make your savoury SNAXX more exciting? Add your own seasoning and savoury goodies before cooking!

TIP #6

Having some trouble getting the perfect shape? Try using a mould!

TIP #7

If you need your pastry to be firm to make amazing desserts or pastries - Roll out your pastry between two sheets of baking paper and then pop your pastry in the fridge for a few minutes before cooking this makes it firm to work with.


After more hacks for your SNAXX Goodies? Visit our recipe page!

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