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Steamed pork bun

Steamed pork bun

2 slices thin pork belly
2 thin slices onion 
2 Tablespoons beef stir fry sauce
1 stem green spring onion finely chopped
1 packet SANXX Savoury Muffin mix

1. Mix pork, onion and stir fry sauce and leave to marinate.
2. Mix savoury muffin mix using 25ml water and add green spring onion. To mix.
3. Heat oil in pan and add pork mixture stirring till pork cooked ( this will not take long)
4. Take pork out of pan and chop really fine and return to pan to coat in sauce.
5. Use a medium size ramekin and wipe with a little oil to stop sticking.
6. Place have savoury muffin mix in and make a little well in the middle.
7. Place pork mixture being careful to keep it in the middle.
8. Place remaining muffin mix on top
9. Place in microwave for 1 min
(Note check top to see if it has cooked as I needed another 20sec)


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