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Plus a huge saving!

Completely Keto Friendly, Low Carb, High Protein, and Gluten-Free!

What you get 15 SNAXX to try:

1 x 4 Pack SNAXX Keto Porridge - 4 Serves

1 x 4 Pack SNAXX Keto Cinnamon Donut- 4 Serves (FREE Donut mould inside this box)

1 x 4 Pack SNAXX Keto Scone - 4 Serves

1 x 4 Pack SNAXX Keto Mini Pizza Base - 4 Serves

1 x 4 Pack SNAXX Keto Choc Brownie - 4 Serves

1 x 4 Pack SNAXX Keto Banana Bread- 4 Serves

1 x 4 Pack SNAXX Keto Custard - 4 Serves

1 x 4 Pack SNAXX Keto Herb & Garlic Crumb - 4 Serves

1 x 4 Pack SNAXX Keto Chocolate Mousse - 4 Serves 

1 x 4 Pack SNAXX Keto Dough - 4 Serves

1 x 2 Pack SNAXX Keto Cookies - 2 Serves

1 x 2 Pack SNAXX Keto Pastry2 Serves

1 x 2 Pack SNAXX Keto Fries 2 Serves

1 x 2 Pack SNAXX Keto Savoury Muffin 2 Serves

1 x SNAXX Keto Mini Cheesecake - 3 Serves *

*flavours are chosen at random please put a note in on your order at checkout if you would like a particular flavour of something. 

If any items are out of stock we will replace them with something similar.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
What a blessing ............

Im slowly working my way through the Keto all Box.... I wanted to try a sample of as many products as possible, then buy up on the ones I like.
Main point is that everything ive tried so far is so simple to prepare. Add a couple of home staple ingredients and its Done.
This is what ive tried so far

Keto Bannana Bread - Magnificent

Pastry Mix - Fantastic..... made great sausage rolls and pies. I have made so many online Keto pastry mixes and nothing comes close to this .

Keto Porridge - Not huge on the taste vaue although you could add to it, but it does fill you up and thats the main thing.

Keto Dough- I reckon this is better for sweet than Savoury, i made s/rolls and cinnamen buns. Buns were terrific, i think for the S/rolls next time i would stick with the Pastry mix

Cinnamon donuts- Cant fault them, as good as Donut King

Keto mini cheesecake- I had the lemon one, was good, would try the strawberry next time.

I suggest the Keto all is a great way to start and find out what you like.

Thanks Rae and Madi, youre inventions are a blessing for their taste and true low carb value unlike alot of other sites that claim low carb but arent.
And customer service and communication from day 1 was brilliant.

Thank you Andrew what an amazing review and we really appreciate your love for SNAXX!

Mel Chapman
Great low carb alternatives

Enjoying my low carb snaxx, great company to deal with

Deidre Nardi
New customer

I bought the variety box of 18 products to try see what they were like.
So far i love the products brownie is yumm but the crumbing mixture
was too hot for my palette , too spicy and too peppery.Over i would recommend
these products