Savoury Recipes

  • Steamed pork bun

    2 slices thin pork belly2 thin slices onion 2 Tablespoons beef stir fry sauce1 stem green spring onion finely chopped1 packet SANXX Savoury Muffin mix1. Mix pork, onion and stir fry sauce and leave to marinate.2. Mix savoury muffin mix using 25ml water and add green spring onion. To mix.3. Heat o... View Post
  • Chiko Roll

    Chiko roll - using One Minute SNAXX Sandwich Pocket This was mince, dry coleslaw mix, onion and a touch of curry powder.  Cook this together.  Make a sandwich pocket but roll out very thin and then rolled like a spring roll. Bake until golden brown.    View Post
  • Pizza Rolls

    Pizza rolls - using the One Minute SNAXX Bread Mix. These have tomato paste, cheese, ham, olives and roasted capsicum. Make Bread as per instructions on the pack but roll the bread mix out between to oiled baking sheets and cook in microwave allow to cool. Start with sauce and go right to edge.... View Post
  • Meat Pie

    Nothing better than a meat pie on Australia Day and it's keto and gluten free 🤤 Using our One Minute SNAXX Sandwich Pocket Cook Pocket as per instructions, add in meat filing. Add top and trim edges and into the oven for 10 minutes or until brown                   View Post
  • Herb Pocket

    Make SNAXX One Minute Sandwich Pocket as directed.  Before putting in the mircowave add a teaspoon of mixed herbs.  Then mircowave as directed. Add your favourite ingredients View Post